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Candy Cane Lane Seattle

Seven Market & Cafe sits almost directly across the street from a Seattle landmark, Candy Cane Lane.  Candy Cane Lane Seattle grew out of a holiday decoration contest in the 1950's, sponsored by the Seattle Times.  This little lane just off Ravenna Bouldvard won that contest and has been decorating their street every holiday season since.  Every house on the lane participates in this great tradition, selflessly investing time, money, and comfort in spreading the message of Peace, Love, and Acceptance to the city of Seattle.  

Where:  Entrance is at the intersection of NE Ravenna Blvd & Park Road NE
When:  Usually from early December until the end of the year.
Amenities:  No public bathroom.  There is a bathroom across the street at Seven Coffee Roasters Market & Cafe.  You can also relax in the cafe and enjoy hot drinks or even a pint of craft beer and cider.  
How:  You can drive or better yet, park a few blocks away and walk.

Here's how to get the best experience out of Candy Cane Lane:

  1. Park and Walk. Don't Drive through Candy Cane Lane.

    The traffic in and out of Candy Cane Lane Seattle is busy.  By car, the entrance is the intersection of NE Ravenna Boulevard and Park Road NE.  It will take you at least 35 minutes of sitting in traffic to get to Candy Cane Lane.  You'll drive through in less than 10 minutes and then you'll be sitting in more traffic trying to exit at the bottom of NE Ravenna Blvd.  
    Here's how you can have a much better experience with your loved ones:
    Park 2-5 blocks away.  A great place to park would be just West of Candy Cane Lane around the intersection of NE 55th St & 18th Ave NE.  Better yet, park just North of Ravenna Park around the intersection of NE 61st and 20th Ave NE, there is a walking bridge over Ravenna Park that will take you right to Candy Cane Lane. Either way, park in a nearby neighborhood where there's zero traffic and walk.  You'll have a much more enjoyable Candy Cane Lane experience, with less stress, and believe it or not, you'll get in and out faster...because you won't be sitting in traffic!

  2. Visit Seven Coffee Roasters Market & Cafe

    On your way in (or out), visit Seven Coffee Roasters Market & Cafe on Ravenna Boulevard for something warm to drink.  A full coffee bar is at your service inside.  If you're not in the mood for coffee, try a hot cocoa or apple cider.  Or a pint of beer or hard cider is also available on tap!  Established in 1922, this University District Market & Cafe is even older than Candy Cane Lane.  

  3. Take Your Time

    Enjoy this classic Seattle treasure.  The circumstances that have created Candy Cane Lane Seattle are unique and probably won't happen again any time soon.  These families put a lot of work and effort into the planning and decorating of their lane.  Come on down and show your support by just having a great time!

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Candy Cane Lane Seattle Seven Market & Cafe

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Mexico Santa Fe Organic

I saw an advertisement on youtube for Seven Coffee Roasters and ordered this blend. My coffee arrived quick, within three days i believe, with a thank you card inside the package. I appreciate smaller business practices like this and will continue to support these guys. The coffee is outstanding with a unique taste and smooth flavor.

Excellent gift

So I had bought my mother a pour over coffee maker and a burr grinder with some beans. We went through a pound of coffee in just the day after Christmas. So I ordered some after listening to the Humanist Report because Mike is a cool guy and I am glad I listened because your coffee is amazing.


Mexico Santa Fe Organic

So fresh

My mom loves it


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