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December 2017 Artist - Julia Rouse

 This month we sit down with our December Artist of the month, Julia Rouse, from Port Townsend, WA.  

How do you explain your artistic style? What mediums/ tools do you work with?

I am a collage artist, using magazine photos almost exclusively. Because anyone can do it, no matter their art skills, I consider collage “the people’s art.” Had I not found and used these images, they would likely have been recycled or thrown away; beauty and meaning are resurrected from trash.

Julia Rouse of Port Townsend, WA

From what/ from where do you draw artistic inspiration?

Inspiration rises from my personal experiences and struggles, as well as from dreams, fantasies, and the eternal mythologies and symbols that offer themselves from my unconscious and from the collective unconscious. Shamanic journeying has also been a source of imagery and connection. To create these collages, I use my version of C.G. Jung’s practice of Active Imagination. A psychotherapist, I have developed and taught my Visionary Collage workshops for over 20 years.

Images may offer themselves, persist from collage to collage, then transform. Through relationship with these images, I have become more familiar with my own personal symbolic language.  

Artist Julia Rouse showing in Seattle, WA

How do you define “artist?” Have you always considered yourself an artist? Was there a specific time or moment when you began to define yourself as such?

The term “artist’ defies definition—ways to live creatively are limitless. I have not always considered myself an artist. Five years ago, sorting my collages as examples for presenting my next Visionary Collage workshop, I realized I had created a body of work and must claim the title of artist for myself, a title I’d always held in reverence.

Julia Rouse Artist of the Month at Seven Market & Cafe

Briefly describe your life—outside of artistic creation-- hobbies, work, family, etc.

I work as a psychotherapist in private practice in my Victorian home, Metaphor House, in Port Townsend, Washington. I have two creative grown children, and a sweetheart in Seattle. I enjoy walks in nature, biking, yoga, reading, travel, discussing the meaning of life with friends. I belong to two Jungian-oriented groups, one a weekly reading group, the other a women’s creativity group. I require a double latte daily, often two. You might see me on a weekend in Seven Market and Café, reading a novel.

Please tell us about your connections to the Seven Market.

I’m a snob about coffee and novels. And a few other things. In my opinion, Seven serves the best coffee in Seattle.

Contact: , especially if you are interested in taking a Visionary Collage workshop.

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Love seven roasters

I heard about these guys on the humanist report YouTube channel. They're progressive and their coffee is amazing! My girlfriend can't get enough of their coffee, and it's some of the best I've had. Thank you seven roasters!

Best coffee !

I tried this coffee at a lunch spot in Seattle and loved the flavor, ive been ordering it online ever since!

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I haven't tried this coffee as an espresso shot but I used it as a pour over and it has a really good flavor profile. I can't quite pin down the flavor notes but all I can say is they're good. As always, excellent customer service and fast, free shipping. Thank you for producing such quality coffee at a reasonable price!

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Clean cup with notes of pear, fast delivery

I had the Bitch Blend the other day at Biscuit Bitch and bought a bag of those beans and loved the flavor profile. Thought I would branch out and try another coffee from Seven, so tried the Costa Rica Micro-Lot. I ordered the coffee from the website and it was shipped the next day and arrived the day after that. I liked the coffee but would not order it again because the Bitch Blend was so much better than this one. The coffee's pear notes were strong and a good flavor but the tangerine and honey flavors were not noticeable. The thing I usually like about Costa Rican coffees is the sweet caramel/honey/molasses flavor but that flavor did not come through on this batch. The Bitch Blend, on the other hand, is one of the best coffees I've ever had and is all around delicious.