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June 2017 Artist - Jazmine Giffen

We recently sat down with our June 2017 artist, Jazmine Giffen.  

Sean: How can we follow your artistic journey?

Jazmine:  You can find my Etsy shop at and also see more of my paintings and photography on Instagram @mamagiffen.

Artist Jazmine Giffen - David Bowie

Sean: How do you explain your artistic style?  What medium/tools do you work with?

Jazmine:  I primarily paint in the posterized style.  Posterization is the process of creating art with only a small number of tones.  For me, that's usually a variation of white, black, and grey acrylic paints.

Sean: From what/where to you draw artistic inspiration?

Jazmine:  I get inspiration from all around me.  I've always been fascinated with human nature, and beauty whether conventional or not which is probably the reason why I gravitate towards portraits more than anything.

Artist Jazmine Giffen - Tupac Shakur

Sean: How do you definte "artist"?  Have you always considered yourself an artist?  Was there a specific time or moment that you began to define yourself as such?

Jazmine:  I have always been artistically inclined but I think the first time I felt like a "real artist" was when, as a kid, I took an after school Arts Corps class for photography.  At the end of our class we displayed out work in the lobby of the Seattle Art Museum.  I remember how fun it was to show off my work and how proud I felt and I knew then that this was a role I felt I belonged in.

Sean: How often do you work artistically?  How do you make space and time for creating works?

Jazmine:  Now that my daughter is in elementary school, I try to make time for art every day.  Some days I'll work non-stop on a piece from the minute the school bus picks her up, till the time the bus drops her off but other times I slack in that area which I'm ok with.  It's all about balance.

Artist Jazmine Giffen - Frida Kahlo

Sean: Briefly describe your life - outside of artistic creation - hobbies, work, family, etc.

Jazmine:  Aside from enjoying nature, art, music (vinyl addict here!) and raising my 6-year old daughter with my husband, I also volunteer part time with the ACLU grassroots organization, People Power.

Sean: Please tell us your connection with Seven Market & Cafe or why you decided to show your work there.

Jazmine:  I grew up in the area and had always passed by the market and thought it was so cute.  It wasn't until a few years ago that I stopped by and grabbed a coffee there for the first time.  Since then I had moved to Portland, and back, and to my surprise I was contacted through my Etsy shop and asked if I would be open to showing my art here.  To say I was excited is an understatement.

Artist Jazmine Giffen - Elvis Presley


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