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Ken’s Markets and Marketime Foods

Seattle is a old city, with a name inherited from a people who inhabited the area as many as four thousand years ago. And such an old city comes with many stories, and one of those stories is the story of the Giles, and specifically one of the Giles’ patriarchs, Ken.

Ken's Market Greenwood

Ken Giles is a Seattle son—he grew up in the neighborhoods of Greenwood and Phinney Ridge, he attended UW and rowed on the crew team, he went abroad as a member of the US Navy, and then he returned to the Greenwood and Phinney Ridge area to continue the pursuit of an enduring passion.

At the age of thirteen, Ken Giles began working in his uncle’s grocery, Erikson’s Market, on Greenwood. And in 1955, Ken Giles purchased his first grocery, a local location of the Independent Grocers Alliance, and he renamed the business Ken Giles IGA. Sixty-three years later, Ken Giles IGA is Ken’s Market, there is a second Ken’s Market in Queen Anne, and the Giles clan also owns and operates Marketime Foods in Fremont.

Ken's Market Produce Section

Ken Giles’s passion for groceries grew with his family, and the Giles still run their groceries, along with modern convenience, with the same passion for quality and selection and serving their communities.

Ken’s Markets and Marketime Foods put a premium on quality and sourcing locally as much as possible. Ken’s and Marketime work with local farmers, especially in the summer months, to bring in local produce, and they work year-round to supply meats that come from stock that is sustainably and humanly raised without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics—from local and northwest suppliers such as Painted Hills Natural Beef, Draper Valley Farms, and Jack Mountain Meats.

Ken's Market Meat Section

Ken’s Markets and Marketime Foods also strive to provide the freshest seafood when in season and, out of season, the freshest tasting wild-caught previously frozen seafood.

Ken’s Markets and Marketime Foods continue their commitment to supporting their communities and other local businesses in their bakery departments. Many local bakeries deliver their goods to Ken’s and Marketime fresh daily. Examples include breads from the Essential Baking Company, bagels from Bagel Oasis, and pastries from Little Rae’s.

Ken's Market Bread Selection

And if you need just one more piece of evidence that Ken’s Markets and Marketime Foods are all in on coexisting and prospering with other local businesses and their communities, you will find in their café and deli offerings from none other than our very own Seven Coffee Roasters! You will also find whole beans from Seven Coffee Roasters on Ken’s and Marketime’s coffee aisles that you can grind fresh and take home to brew in your own coffee pot.

Ken's Market Seven Coffee Roasters Bulk Coffee


Ken’s Markets and Marketime’s cafés and delis also offer many fresh options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, either to enjoy immediately or to take with you and enjoy at your convenience. Ken’s and Marketime offer soups, sandwiches, and options for ready-to-eat meals—even pizza!—all made in-house. One particularly enticing item is Ken’s Own Northwest Cioppino, an Italian-inspired seafood stew originating from San Francisco and packed with every type of seafood you can imagine.

Ken's Market Seafood Section

Lastly, let’s not forget Ken’s Markets and Marketime Foods offer everything you could want in beer, wine, and spirits, including many, many local libations. Whether you’re looking for a Washington Cabernet Sauvignon or a French Rosé, a six-pack of Fremont IPA or a four-pack of Köstritzer schwarzbier, you’ll find it at Ken’s Markets or Marketime Foods.

Ken's Market Beer Selection Ken's Market six pack beer selection

Seattleites love stories, and we love our communities. And Ken’s Markets and Marketime Foods offer both a storied past and a community-minded present. Not to mention, they serve really good coffee.

Ken's Market Seven Coffee Roasters served on Coffee Bar

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142 reviews
Love seven roasters

I heard about these guys on the humanist report YouTube channel. They're progressive and their coffee is amazing! My girlfriend can't get enough of their coffee, and it's some of the best I've had. Thank you seven roasters!

Best coffee !

I tried this coffee at a lunch spot in Seattle and loved the flavor, ive been ordering it online ever since!

Complex and delicious

I haven't tried this coffee as an espresso shot but I used it as a pour over and it has a really good flavor profile. I can't quite pin down the flavor notes but all I can say is they're good. As always, excellent customer service and fast, free shipping. Thank you for producing such quality coffee at a reasonable price!

3 for $35
Fresh roasted and quickly delivered

The 3 for $35 deal can’t be beat. I always order the Espresso Huli which is the most aromatic blend in the group. My other current favorites are Ethiopia Kefauver Forest and Guatemala Trapichitos. Roasters Choice is too strong given the subtleties of the other choices. I’m enjoying working through the blends.

Clean cup with notes of pear, fast delivery

I had the Bitch Blend the other day at Biscuit Bitch and bought a bag of those beans and loved the flavor profile. Thought I would branch out and try another coffee from Seven, so tried the Costa Rica Micro-Lot. I ordered the coffee from the website and it was shipped the next day and arrived the day after that. I liked the coffee but would not order it again because the Bitch Blend was so much better than this one. The coffee's pear notes were strong and a good flavor but the tangerine and honey flavors were not noticeable. The thing I usually like about Costa Rican coffees is the sweet caramel/honey/molasses flavor but that flavor did not come through on this batch. The Bitch Blend, on the other hand, is one of the best coffees I've ever had and is all around delicious.