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May 2017 Artist - Sierramatice Karras

We recently sat down with our May 2017 artist, Sierramatice Karras.  

Sean: How do you explain your artistic style?  What medium/tools do you work with?

Sie-ce: I make plushies sewn by hand out of fleece and felt.  Most of the patterns are my own designs.

Sierramatice Art Piece - hand sewn plush toy

Sean: From what/where to you draw artistic inspiration?

Sie-ce: I draw a lot of inspiration from nature as well as from mythology.

Sean: How do you definte "artist"?  Have you always considered yourself an artist?  Was there a specific time or moment that you began to define yourself as such?

Sie-ce: I think I have always considered myself to be an artist.  I grew up surrounded by art.  I would define an artist as anyone who is creative and dedicated to their art.

Sean: How often do you work artistically?  How do you make space and time for creating works?

Sie-ce: I sew as often as I can around my class and work schedules.  Sewing is a relaxing break for me.

Sean: Briefly describe your life - outside of artistic creation - hobbies, work, family, etc.

Sie-ce: Outside of my sewing I am very busy with classes at the University of Washington and work.  I try to spend lots of time with my friends and family.

Sean: Please tell us your connection with Seven Market & Cafe or why you decided to show your work there.

Sie-ce: I work at the cafe and was very excited when Seri asked my if I would like to put my work up as an artist of the month!

Sean: How can we follow your artistic journey?

Sie-ce: I can be contacted via email - or you can follow my journey on instagram @space.scultone.

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