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Ken’s Markets and Marketime Foods

Ken Giles is a Seattle son—he grew up in the neighborhoods of Greenwood and Phinney Ridge, he attended UW and rowed on the crew team, he went abroad as a member of the US Navy, and then he returned to the Greenwood and Phinney Ridge area to continue the pursuit of an enduring passion.

At the age of thirteen, Ken Giles began working in his uncle’s grocery, Erikson’s Market, on Greenwood. And in 1955, Ken Giles purchased his first grocery, a local location of the Independent Grocers Alliance, and he renamed the business Ken Giles IGA. Sixty-three years later, Ken Giles IGA is Ken’s Market, there is a second Ken’s Market in Queen Anne, and the Giles clan also owns and operates Marketime Foods in Fremont.

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Honest Biscuits

Honest Biscuits was founded by Art Stone who was first introduced to the art of making biscuits by his grandmother. And since those lessons in the kitchen in North Carolina, Stone has brought his love of biscuits to Seattle, putting a premium on the freshest local ingredients and fresh new ideas for an old country favorite.
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Sod House Bakery

For example, perhaps try a toasted tomato pesto cheese croissant and a house special, the Flora Forager—cardamom and rose syrups and seltzer on ice. The croissant entices with a pizza-like aroma and follows through as buttery and flaky with the right amount of tang and herbaceousness from the tomato, pesto, and cheese. And the Flora Forager is just sweet enough to bring you back to those early summer days of selling lemonade for a nickel with the sophistication in flavor to help you realize how much, with the right marketing strategy, you could sell that lemonade for now. 
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A Lot of People Talk About Saving the World. This Guy is Doing It.

"Farming is hard.  Imagine spending all your money and time farming a product during the year.  You have to pay for everything that goes into that out of your own pocket for one year.  And you're poor.  And then you won't get paid for that product until the following year.  That's why I do this," Sergio admits.  
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New Year’s resolutions: don’t quit coffee!

Believe it or not, coffee has health benefits. A cup in the morning gets that frontal lobe firing, boosts memory and mood, and helps you keep your brain active, which is linked to a longer, healthier life. Plus coffee improves health of certain organs and reduces health risks.
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Good Coffee

If you want an excellent coffee this is the one. Good taste and aroma!!!

Great Coffee!

This is my first time buying this and I love it! The coffee is very smooth. Am going to try some different ones, but will buy this again. Also love the free shipping. Definitely recommend Seven. 😁

Love this coffee!

We love Seven Coffee subscription. Coffee is delivered 1-2 days after roasting. We have tried several including Bitch Blend and others, and our current favorite is Roasters Choice. Well balanced and flavorful coffee.

Very good coffee, free deliveries!

I've been ordering 7's coffee and shipping it to Hawaii for a few months now. A high quality coffee, cheaper than local supermarket low quality ones...
Deliveries are fast and hassle free. Perfect!
Thank you so much.