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Beginner's Guide to Pour-over Coffee

Pour-over coffee is experiencing a resurgence of popularity. When electric coffee brewers came out in the 1950s, everyone flocked to them for their efficiency and speed. Over time, however, some people have returned to older, hands-on methods for more individual control over the coffee quality. Making pour-over coffee gives that control while being easy, fun, and creative.

Once you learn the basics, you can choose your favorite pour-over coffee technique and learn how to make coffee like a pro.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Pour-Over

The simple pour-over.  It's one of the easiest methods of coffee brewing.  If you need a single cup of coffee, it's also one the best cups of coffee you can make.  The pour-over was my go-to method of making my morning cup for at least seven years.  I had one of these ceramic pour-overs the whole time.  It never broke and it's still in my cupboard.
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Bonavita 8 Cup Brewer with Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe

While the Bonavita brewer cannot control all of the seven pillars listed, it does an excellent job of the pillars that it can control.  Number 5 for example states "The correct contact time between the coffee and water".  The brew basket on the Bonavita brewer is deep.  This is important in that I feel, a lot of brewers have too shallow of a brew basket.  This doesn't allow for the proper amount of coffee to be inserted into the brewer, thus not allowing the proper amount of contact time between coffee and water.  So in this respect, I feel the Bonavita brewer does a great job with its deep brew basket.
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Easy Tips on Convenient Coffee Storage

We recently received a question on how to store our coffee.  I thought it'd be a great conversation to share as I know it's a common question people have about coffee. Here's the conversation:

Question:  Hello, The delicious aroma of coffee is all around my kitchen! Thank you shipping the coffee so quickly. This is the first time I've had 3 fresh bags at one time, so am wondering what the best way is to store it?
Thanks again,
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3 for $35

Gr es at coffee and a great deal with the 3-$35!!! Will recommend to anyone who likes a good cup of joe!!!

Bitch Blend is a little tart

In our espresso machine we found Bitch Blend was good but with a bit acidity. We are bigger fans of Roaster’s Choice, which is an exceptionally rich and balanced medium roast.

Great Ethiopian

This was a 4/5... it’s rare for me to give 5. I highly recommend this one. I brew mine with a French press and drink it black. This was a very smooth cup.

3 for $35