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Back to School Bundle

12oz Bag

Support your teachers! For every Back to School Bundle you buy, you save 25% off our regular prices, and we'll donate a bag of coffee to the Seattle teachers' union strike effort.

This is our first ever Back to School Bundle, which features three unique blends:

Signature Fall Blend: a handsome dark roast featuring Yellow Caturra bean from Maui. Its spicy, earthy make it a perfect choice when the weather gets cooler.

Limited Summer Blenda bright, fruit-forward cup for the days when summer just won't quit (or, those days when you wish it were still around).

Best-Selling Roasters Choice Blend: rich flavors of vanilla, cocoa, and pear in a full-bodied, complex flavor. It has a little bite and moderate acidity that you’re looking for in a dark roast, but it maintains an incredibly smooth finish.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mark L. (Seattle, WA, US)
Seven just makes a day better!

Been enjoying various Seven coffees for a while now. The recent Back to School Bundle with the Summer, Fall and Roaster’s Choice blends are some of the best ever. Hope they keep ‘em around all winter!

G. (Oakland, CA, US)
Excellent bundle!

The Summer Blend is amazing! Smells and tastes so flavorful! The other two blends are also good. I am buying this bundle for a second time.

Curtis H. (New York, NY, US)
Best Coffee

7 is the best coffee you could ask for.