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Candy Cane Lane Holiday Blend

12oz Bag - Shipped For Free


What is a "holiday blend"?

Lots of coffee companies roast limited, seasonal blends that feature traditional holiday flavors. Most roasters make holiday blends with tasting notes that reflect the season. Some general tasting notes include gingerbread, nuts, or spices. 

These tasting notes are usually brought out during the roasting process. They aren't added as flavorings. Some larger companies might add flavors, and our suggestion is to avoid these!

What makes Seven's Holiday Blend different?

A lot of coffee companies use their holiday blends as an excuse to use up old beans or take advantage of the marketing. The truth is that most of these blends are not unique.They tend tobe thrown together, over-roasted, or filled with flavor additives to disguise how stale they are.

We're the only roaster in the USA that reserves its limited supply of hand-picked Kona beans for its holiday blend. 

Coffee companies like to say "you can't get this coffee anywhere else," but in our case, it's actually true!

Our holiday blend features Hawaiian flavors front and center. You'll pick up coconut and breadfruit in the body, with strawberry and guava on the finish. This is the Kona shining through. 

Kona coffee tends to be lighter, so we balance this out by blending in two Central American origins. This brings some traditional tasting notes like chocolate and nuts.

The result is a one-of-a-kind flavor profile for a holiday blend. But don't worry, it's not overdone. At Seven Coffee Roasters, we always keep drinkability in mind, and this blend has been a big hit for years.

We roast to order

If you get your holiday coffee from Starbucks, Dunkin', or Peets, your bag of coffee was probably roasted weeks (if not months) ago. Most big coffee companies use holiday blends as an excuse to use up old beans. The result is stale, oily, and over-roasted.

When you order from us, we roast and ship your coffee within 72 hours. It's always fresh, and shipping is always free.

What is Candy Cane Lane?

Right across the street from our Market and Cafe sits a famous street in Seattle: Candy Cane Lane. Since 1949, this small black has gone all out on their holiday decorations.

Our Market and Cafe is an integral piece of the neighborhood. We love our neighbors, and our neighbors love us. So, we figured there is no better honor than to name our signature holiday blend after such a rich local tradition. 

If you're in Seattle during the holidays, make a point to stop by and check out all the lights! Oh, and you can also pack a little Thermos of Candy Cane Lane Blend to keep you warm, too.

Happy Holidays!

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Lesli Y. (Honolulu, HI, US)
Candy Cane Lane Holiday Blend

This is one of my favorite blends this time of year! I love the smooth Kona coffee taste infused with subtle hints of local fruits combined with the darker chocolate and nutty flavors. It's a must try this holiday season!

michael w. (Chicago, IL, US)
Candy Kane Lane

Wow is this coffee amazing! I had to get more.

James A. (Seattle, WA, US)
Great blend!

I’d been trying various Christmas blends from local roasters but this has the most distinct flavors. Excellent blend that has become the daily brew until I run out!

Rachel (Pittsfield, MA, US)
This is my very favorite coffee!

We make it using an Aeropress with water at 190 degrees F and it's perfect for us. Very smooth flavor. Love the coconut notes.

Kim G. (Salem, OR, US)
Excellent Coffee

Nice medium roast coffee with no vegetal tones. We use an Aeropress and it was excellent. We look forward to next year's blend!