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Join the Seven Coffee Roasters Fundraising Program!  

It's risk-free and an easy way for your organization to raise funds throughout the year.  Here are the steps to join and start fundraising:

  1. Join the fundraising program by filling in the quick application below.
  2. You'll be e-mailed a unique website link to  
  3. Promote the fundraising program to your group via social media, newsletter, email, face to face, and bulletin board.  Include your organization's unique link.
  4. Once members purchase coffee through this link, 10% of all these sales will be donated to your organization every month.  It's as simple as that!

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187 reviews
freaking awesome coffee

my favourite thing in Seattle was Biscuit Bitch, and this coffee was delish. Well done!

A Wonderful Decaf Option

I'd been enjoying the other blends offered here but wanted to cut back on my caffeine intake without losing the flavor and this blend really does the trick! It's a very enjoyable decaf substitute if you love the other blends Seven offers.

delicious coffee

The coffee was delivered super fast, very fragrant and fresh. I've had 2 of the three roasts and they were delicious, I imagine the third will be just as well. Will definitely be ordering again.

Brazil Carmo De Minas - Direct Trade


I love Bitch Blend, the positive message behind it, and supporting awesome businesses