Seven Promises to Our Customers

For over fifteen years, we've cultivated a loyal base of customers on our website, at our market, and at our retailers around Seattle. We don't take that lightly, and our customer-centric approach drives everything that we do. Here are the seven promises we make to our customers:

    1. The price you see is the price you pay (tax is included). No tricks, games, or surprises. We lay out our pricing up front, which you can see on all of our product pages as well as our subscription page
    2. We offer free shipping on all coffee orders to the United States via USPS. It's something we've always done, and we'll continue to do it as long as it's feasible for us.
    3. We roast and ship your order within 72 hours. No stale coffee or waiting a week for your order to be processed. We roast five days per week, and we always make sure the coffee we ship is the freshest you can get.
    4. We have a money-back satisfaction guarantee for 30 days. If you don't like what we offer, you can have your money back.
    5. We’ll always strive to give you the best quality for the lowest price. We're about giving people fresh coffee at a decent price.
    6. We're dedicated to reducing waste and becoming carbon neutral. We're happy to be a part of organizations like Seattle Made and EnviroStars, as well as purchasing offsets through
    7. We reward loyal customers with loyalty and respect. In Seattle, our customers are our community. If you buy from us online, we extend that same generosity. We have a loyalty program and are constantly evolving to offer great perks to our most loyal customers.