Featured Market Item: Vashon Island Pickles

November 08, 2019 2 min read

Featured Market Item: Vashon Island Pickles
Seven Market’s manager Seri Thompson works hard to fill our shelves with the finest products from the area’s best small businesses. In an effort to support our fellow small businesses and share the products we love, we will feature products from the market here on our blog.. often alongside a discount!
Whether you are a regular, new neighbor, or a fan of our coffee who’s never been down to the market, come check out our storefront at 2007 Ravenna Boulevard, Seattle WA 98105 to pick up our featured products!
This weeks item….
Vashon Island Sweet & Tangy Pickles from Seattle Canning Co.
Out of Vashon island, Seattle Canning Co. is a budding small business that has been creating hand-made, small batch farm-to-jar specialty pickled products since 2015. Two time winners of the Good Food awards, their mission is simple:
“Bringing good food to good people by keeping it simple, real & socially, financially & ecologically sustainable. Yes we can!” You can learn more about Seattle Canning Co. here.

With these Sweet and Tangy pickles, owner and creative director Sonny Collins and Chad Anderson are on a mission to “convert dill pickle lovers daily.” Rather than dominating, the subtle sweetness of these pickles actually accentuates the crisp, vinegar bite that dill pickle lovers are looking for. It may sound simple, but these thick, handcut slices of cucumber in a brine of onion, garlic, vinegar, salt & spices are truly something special!

Don’t be shy— Seattle Canning Co recommend you eat these on their own and on “everything you love!”

Ingredients: Cucumbers, onions, garlic, vinegar, salt, spices

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