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Seven’s November Artist, Jeff Farnam!

by Sean L. November 11, 2019 2 min read

Seven’s November Artist, Jeff Farnam!

Every month Seven Market & Cafe hosts a local artist’s work.  Check out this interview with our artist of the month, 

Jeff Farnam

How do you explain your artistic style? What medium/tools do you work with?

I like to paint and draw on canvas, wood, and found objects. I usually start with a nonlinear approach to see what happens and then go from there

From where do you draw artistic inspiration?

Im inspired by a lot of things. Sometimes if I just notice a lack of art in situations, It can motivate me to fill the void. I was heavily influenced by skateboard graphics of the 80's and 90's and still draw from a handful of contemporary artists that started out skating.

How do you define artist? Have you always considered yourself as one? Was there a specific moment when you began to realize you were an artist?

Its a tricky question. Id like to think we are constantly defining what it is to be an artist and one can only hope to be a part of the conversation in the end.

How often do you work artistically? How do you make space and time for creating works?

I try to have a day every week set aside for creative stuff. But, Im always doodling, etc.

Briefly describe your life outside of artistic creation— hobbies, work, family, etc?

I'm a careprovider. I also skate and try to write songs. I live with my girlfriend megan and my cat walter in queen anne.

What are your connections to Seven Market? Why did you want to show your work here?

I lived in the neighborhood from 2011 to 2015 and have had a couple shows there.

You can follow Jeff’s artistic journey at:
Instagram @jeff_mf


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