Sunset Hill and Ballard Green Market

January 16, 2018 3 min read

Sunset Hill Green Market Facade
Ballard Green Market Front Sign

In our modern world of big-box stores and online giants, of national brands and viral marketing campaigns, it’s good to find small pockets of simple hometown wholesomeness and neighborliness still exist, even in one of the biggest brand cities of them all. 

If you walked into Green Markets’ Sunset Hill location as late as early January, you might have seen on the wall to your left pictures of some of the trick-or-treaters who stopped by the shop this past Halloween. The many smiling faces are a cute reminder of how and for whom Green Markets of Ballard Seattle have operated for more than twenty years. 

Sunset Hill Green Market Front Sign

Green Markets is a pair of local corner groceries in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood that proudly offer all natural and organic products, including those from many local small brands, including Seven Coffee Roasters.  Sunset Hill Green Market was one of our very first wholesale customers over 10 years ago.

When standing outside a Green Markets location, it might first appear as simply a high-end convenience store, but walk inside, either Green Market Ballard or Green Market Sunset Hill, and after a few moments it becomes very clear you are in a fully stocked specialty market in corner-store form.

Ballard Green Market Fantastic Wine Selection

From fruits and vegies to meats and cheeses (especially cheeses) to boxed and canned goods to beer and wine (especially wine) to coffee from recognizable specialty brands, local brands, and those brands you never heard of but have always been missing, a stop at a Green Markets location can render anything from that one last ingredient to a recipe-worth of ingredients or a last minute party offering to a special bottle of wine for any special occasion. 

Sunset Hill Green Market Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Local products you’ll find at either Green Markets location include: milk from Smith Brothers Farms, bread from Macrina Bakery, ice cream from Whidbey Island Ice Cream, and of course, coffee from Seattle’s own Seven Coffee Roasters!

Sunset Hill Green Market Coffee Selection

And if there is a product or brand you know of and would like to see at a Green Markets location, all you have to do is ask. Green Markets also pride themselves on providing many customer-suggested items.

There is one word we have not yet used to describe Green Markets’ corner stores in Ballard: romantic. There is a romance to entering a small shop stocked with everything you need and leaving knowing the money you spent is largely going to your neighbors. There is a romance to the neighborhood bodega experience. 

And it just so happens the most romantic holiday of all is right around the corner.

Ballard Green Market Cold Drink Selection

Might it not be particularly romantic for a couple on Valentines Day to walk arm in arm down to the corner store, take their time selecting the perfect ingredients from an all-natural, organic, and largely local selection, find the perfect bottle of wine or (two), perhaps some cheese to start, walk home huddled together against the cold, prepare their meal, drink their wine, and after, again in our modern times, relax in front of some Netflix? 

Sunset Hill Green Market Chip Selection

Whether for Valentines Day or a Wednesday night, whether for one, two, or more, Green Markets’ two locations, Ballard and Sunset Hill, offer everything you need served up with the perfect corner grocery experience. 

And if you find yourself not in Ballard but in Ravenna and in need of that perfect bottle of wine, or any other of our great products from local vendors, don’t forget to stop by Seven Coffee Roasters Market and Café.

Sunset Hill Green Market Sandwich Board

Ballard Green Market Product Selection

Sunset Hill Green Market Entrance

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