Georgetown Pantry Supply Wildflower Raw Honey from Stocked

January 09, 2018 2 min read

Georgetown Pantry Supply Wildflower Raw Honey from Stocked

 After the holidays and starting off a new year, perhaps one of the last things you want to think about is sweets. But there’s one sweet substance many of even the most stringent of health food gurus can get behind: honey.

Wildflower Raw Honey 12 oz. Bottle

For millennia, honey has enjoyed a reputation for medical and homeopathic properties of sometimes mythic proportions, and some claims to this reputation have been proven true—honey does provide some antibacterial effects and carries certain levels of antioxidants, honey can be effective as a cough suppressant and sleep aid, and a very particular type of honey can be used to aid in the healing of minor wounds (see a brief discussion of the medicinal uses for honey here).

But above all, honey is a delicious, natural product that can bring to many dishes and drinks a characteristic of warmth, wholesomeness, and well-being.

Enter Georgetown Pantry Supply Wildflower Raw Honey of Stocked, a community of Seattle food lovers and entrepreneurs.

Wildflower Raw Honey Front Label 12 oz

Stocked is a conglomerate of multiple brands from local creators, and we have discussed the products of some of those brands in this very blog (Krista’s baking Co., and Mustard and Co., and Callahan’s Condiments).

Georgetown Pantry Supply is Stocked’s very own in-house brand, and this brand is focused around the concept of high-quality everyday items you might expect in a well-stocked pantry, including a balsamic vinegar and olive, coconut, and truffle oils, and Stocked considers their Wildflower Raw Honey the flagship product of their Georgetown Pantry Supply line.

Georgetown Pantry Supply Wildflower Raw Honey is 100% raw, unfiltered honey from wildflowers produced on a honey farm right here in Washington, near Tacoma. It has a dark, warm color and a predictably thick, sticky consistency. By itself, this honey melts on the tongue. It is sweet but not cloying and has a deep, rich flavor with notes of brown sugar and bourbon.

As a pantry staple, honey might sometimes be overlooked, but honey is not just for tea and baking. There are myriad savory, even spicy, dishes just waiting for a healthy pour of honey to add a subtle backbone of sweetness you might not even know you were missing.

For example, while sampling Georgetown Wildflower Raw Honey, it may have found its way into a sauce for a batch of chicken wings that may have included, also, butter, bourbon, and a favorite hot sauce. And those wings might have been delicious.

And don’t forget, honey belongs as much at the bar as in the kitchen. A simple Google search can reveal just what you’ve been missing if you’ve never thought of mixing honey with any number of adult beverages.

So if a little holiday sweet-tooth coma has got you down, perhaps all it will take is a little taste of that favorite food of our favorite denizen of the Hundred Acre Wood to remind you that not all sweetness is created equal.

Cup of Tea with Wildflower Raw Honey

And of course, Georgetown Pantry Supply Wildflower Raw Honey from Stocked is available at your neighborhood Seven Café and Market in Ravenna.


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