A Moment with Kari Westphal of Daisy Sky Studio

March 13, 2017 2 min read

A Moment with Kari Westphal of Daisy Sky Studio

Daisy Sky Studio is a small art studio in the basement of a Ravenna home.  The home and studio belong to Kari Westphal, our friend and neighbor near Seven Market & Cafe.  Kari has frequently shown her beautiful encaustic paintings in the shop.  We love her art, as each piece reflects skill, insight, and care of the subject, often an amazing portrayal of Puget Sound.  

We recently sat down with Kari to talk about her unique style of art:

Sean: How do you explain your artistic style?  What medium/tools do you work with?

Kari: I paint peaceful paintings using encaustics - a mixture of beeswax and tree resin with pigment.  My tools include brushes, hot plates, and heat guns!

Sean: From what/where to you draw artistic inspiration?

Kari: I am happiest when I'moutside, and am constantly inspired by the calm and peace that I find out in the world.

Sean: How do you definte "artist"?  Have you always considered yourself an artist?  Was there a specific time or moment that you began to define yourself as such?

Kari: I have always found communication through Visual Arts to be an important part of my life.  It is something I believe we are all capable of.

Sean: How often do you work artistically?  How do you make space and time for creating works?

Kari: I paint as often as I can.  It is a priority for me so I find the time.

Sean: Briefly describe your life - outside of artistic creation - hobbies, work, family, etc.

Kari: I enjoy being in the fresh air with my family.  I also enjoy teaching art at neighborhood schools.

Sean: Please tell us your connection with Seven Market & Cafe or why you decided to show your work there.

Kari: I am in the neighborhood and love how Seven is a hub for our community.  Happy to have my work on the walls!

Sean: How can we follow your artistic journey?

Kari: www.daisysky.com | kari@daisysky.com 

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