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Roasters Choice Espresso Blend

12oz Bag

We take our signature Espresso Huli blend and roast it just a bit longer to create our best dark roast coffee. The darker roast brings out rich flavors of vanilla, cocoa, and pear in a full-bodied, complex cup of coffee. It has a little bite and the moderate acidity that you’re looking for in a dark roast, but it maintains the smooth finish that makes our coffees special.

All Seven Coffees are artisan hand-roasted in small batches in Seattle and comes with free shipping. Mahalo!


Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Alyssa G. (Seattle, WA, US)
Excellent coffee!

Excellent blend! Only complaints are the grounds could be slightly finer and having online EBT payment, I can get other local coffees like Caffe Vita and Middle Fork Roasters with EBT, would be awesome if I could more consistently support 7 Roasters this way too.

Thanks for the review, Alyssa! That's a really helpful suggestion. We'll look into how we might be able to take EBT payments.

Ginette C. (Locust Hill, VA, US)
Best coffee ever

My niece gave me a bag of seven coffee for Christmas last year and it is honestly the best coffee I’ve ever had. It is so rich and smooth and I now can’t start my day without a cup.

RoastersChoice (Thousand Oaks, CA, US)
Roasters choice inconsistent?

Hi, I'm a repeat customer. Drinking the second order of Roasters Choice this time. I noticed a lack of flavor in this batch, pretty bland. I'm using the same brewing method for all my beans. Just a feedback.

Kori J. (Delano, MN, US)
Expresso Blend

Ordered online for the first time as I wanted a valentines present. Coffee shipped promptly to us ( out of state) and arrived in plenty of time. My husband loved it and said it the flavor was great, was smooth and not overwhelming. Excellent!

ktho (Jupiter, FL, US)
Our favorite coffee!!

This blend is perfection, doesn’t even need creamer! Nutty, chocolatey, creamy & smooth.