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Our signature Espresso Huli blend is dark and rich in flavor. Complex with great mouth feel. Hand roasted in Seattle. Free Shipping!

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We take our signature Espresso Huli blend and roast it just a bit longer to create our best dark roast coffee. The darker roast brings out rich flavors of vanilla, cocoa, and pear in a full-bodied, complex cup of coffee. It has a little bite and the moderate acidity that you’re looking for in a dark roast, but it maintains the smooth finish that makes our coffees special.

All Seven Coffees are artisan hand-roasted in small batches in Seattle and comes with free shipping. Mahalo!

Customer Reviews

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Very Smooth

I really like this coffee, its strong but smooth and has a very nice flavor.


We get new coffee once every two weeks, and there's nothing better than how fresh it is!

I'm pretty dog gone happy!

Many years ago I had a friend who would take off every winter and drive to Guatemala to escape the cold snowy rocky mountain high country.
Every spring he would return with his car laden with hundreds of pounds of fresh raw coffee beans that he would pick up at a particular plantation before he left.

He spent a great deal of time working with another friend who happened to be a professional coffee roaster.
Together they developed the perfect roast for this particular Guatemalan bean.
It was most likely the best coffee I have ever had, or will ever have in my lifetime.

Some years later I lost contact with him, and have been searching for that awesome cup of coffee ever since, and nothing from coast to coast has even come close.
Reviving my search once again, I happened upon an internet suggestion of Seven roasters Guatemalan Trapitchitos.
I was quite excited to learn that they procured a Guatemalan bean, and roasted it themselves.
After exchanging a number of conversational emails with Sean, I received my first bag of fresh roasted bean.
I'm now on my second batch of multiple bags, and I have to admit that this is the closest I've come yet to ending my search for that elusive bean.
I would be quite curious as to how this bean would taste if roasted just a little darker or longer, but all in all, I'm pleased enough with it that I now have a standing monthly order for the stuff.

My wife and I are true coffee freaks, and it has been saddening and frustrating trying to find good coffee since our grocery stores have stopped selling select coffees in bulk.
The choices have rapidly dwindled, and for the last few years we have relied upon Starbucks store bought, but even that has gone downhill, and we now find it closer to floor sweepings than the coffee it once was.

We're so pleased with 7 Roasters, that we just purchased 3 bags of their Sumatra, as well as their roasters choice, which I haven't tried yet, but am looking forward to.
After that, we'll be giving their Kona a try, which has always been my second favorite coffee region.

If you're sitting on the fence about 7 roasters, let me be the guy to set your mind right.
The coffee is fresh, the shipping is very fast, and on top of it all, the shipping is free. You just can't beat that at less than .50 cents an ounce.
We're quite happy to give our money to a small hard working outfit, rather than some huge conglomeration that gave up caring a long time ago.

You owe it to yourself to give these guys a try, and I seriously doubt you'll find anything disappointing about your entire experience with Sean and Seven Roasters Coffee!

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Roasters Choice Hand Roasted Specialty Coffee

Perfect gift!

I sent this as a gift to my parents cross-country who are devote coffee drinkers. They loved the dark roast and were thrilled by the surprise and quality of the coffee.