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Brazil Carmo De Minas Direct Trade

Our direct-trade, pulped natural artisan coffee beans from Brazil are grown to perfection in the Carmo de Minas region by Sergio Dias. This direct trade specialty coffee is an easy-drinking coffee that will give you that “perfect cup” feeling as you sip. Its full body and complete texture is accentuated by notes of cinnamon that permeate throughout. After each sip, you’ll experience a mild lemon zest finish.

Sergio’s care over the coffee from his farm and the farmers of Carmo de Minas results in a coffee that is naturally sweet, nutty and exceptionally smooth. Read more about Sergio here.

All Seven Coffees are artisan hand-roasted in small batches in Seattle and comes with free shipping. Mahalo!


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Rishikesh M. (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, US)
Carmo de minas

Great coffee but I was hoping for medium roast . I think it was more on the light side of that .

Dayane A. (Lynchburg, VA, US)
I love it

One of the best coffees I’ve ever tried!

Joe H.
Interesting and unique.

Upon grinding, the aroma is deliciously pungent, and is equally the same upon brewing.
If coffee can have a texture, then I'd say this one has a syrupy feel to it.
When flavored coffees sprung into the market years ago, I was quite enamoured with them, and leaned heavily on the Hazelnut offerings by a number of providers.
As time went on, I grew tired of artificially flavored coffee, knowing that even the lowest quality bean could be doctored with oils to make it taste like anything the manufacturer wished it to.
If I didn't know better, I'd say this bean had been infused with a strong dose of artificial blueberry which strikes the palate predominantly right off the bat.
After it cools some, there is a woody flavor I can't quite name, possibly oak, followed by a hint of lemon and even more berry; cinnamon and caramel not so much.
For myself, blueberry just isn't a flavor I wish to taste in coffee.
I have now tried Seven's Sumatra, Roaster's blend, their Guatemalan, and now this.
So far I'd have to say my favorite is the Guatemalan, with this one being on the bottom.
Up next, I have a bag of Bitch blend, and the Ethiopian to try.

Matthew S. (Oceanside, CA, US)
Fantastic coffee!

Seven is my favorite coffee roaster, and right now the Brazil Carmo De Minas is my favorite roast! It always arrives fresh and is relatively inexpensive compared to other mail order coffee.

Elaine M.M. (Austin, TX, US)

Very good smooth not bitter