Our Little Mug Library

January 30, 2020 1 min read

Our Little Mug Library

We are excited to partner with one of Seattle’s newest and coolest sustainability organizations: Little Mug Library.

Jen heard about our efforts at the cafe to reduce single-use cups and came to us with a fantastic solution. Little Mug Library offers a reusable cup for customers who may have forgotten their own or are still getting in the habit of bringing a cup to the cafe every day. 

Right next to our register, you’ll find a “library” of donated cups. When we ask if you’d like a disposable or reusable cup, you now have the option to grab a mug from the library and bring it back next time. 

It works like this: You come into the cafe, borrow a amug from the library instead of a paper cup, head out to enjoy your beverage, and drop it in the bus bin with the other dishes the next time you return to Seven. 

We have been so happy to work with Jen and the results her program have brought to Seven. After two weeks of our environmental fund and our little mug library, 48% of our drinks are served in reusable cups!

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