Separating Coffee from its Container & Our New Environmental Fund

January 30, 2020 1 min read

Separating Coffee from its Container & Our New Environmental Fund

UPDATE: After just two weeks of implementing our environmental fund and Little Mug Library, 49.5% of our drinks are being served in reusable cups! We have been blown away by the engagement from our customers!

On January 16th Seven started separating the cost of coffee beverages from the cost of the container its served in. We’ve priced our compostable, but disposable cups at $0.10. 

Every single cent from this charge will be set aside and devoted to efforts that result in a greener, cleaner Market & community. We believe this fund to be the very first of its kind in Seattle! 

As Seattle’s first zero waste shop, we wanted to take this bold, but natural next step. Traditional bring your own mug discounts are common in Seattle, but we can do better.  After tons of research, we found separating the cost of waste from the cost of our beverages would nearly double the amount of drinks served in reusable cups!

As a little breakdown, here’s our thought process:

Average BYO mug discount = 10% of drinks served in reusable cups
Seven’s customers currently = 30% of drinks served in reusableS

Projected numbers after our change = 60% of drinks served in reusables. 

At its core, sustainability is the product of creativity and collaboration.



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