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French Press Coffee Sample Pack

Coffee #1: Biscuit Bitch Blend

Roast: Medium

Tasting notes: Bold, Tart, Sassy
Our best selling, premium hand-roasted specialty coffee.  An artisan blend just like its name..... one that you won’t forget!  
The Bitch Blend Coffee is made in collaboration with Seattle's own Biscuit Bitch restaurants, now with 3 locations in downtown Seattle.  The Bitch Blend coffee is hand-roasted and ground to order.  Comprised of our Sumatra Mandheling Old School and Ethiopia Yirgachefe.

Read more about Biscuit Bitch in our blog post here and visit them at www.biscuitbitch.com

Coffee #2: Sumatra Mandheling Old School

Roast: Medium

Tasting notes: Cedar, Chocolate, Cucumber

This full-bodied, incredibly textured artisan coffee delivers the mouthfeel you’d expect from a Sumatran coffee but with a neater, smoother flavor profile than you might be used to. The medium roast brings out notes of cedar, dark chocolate, and cucumber. The result is a cup of specialty coffee that is lightly smoky, low in acidity, and finishes gently.

Coffee #3: Roasters Choice Espresso Blend

Roast: Dark

Tasting notes: Vanilla, Cocoa, Nashi Pear

We take our signature Espresso Huli blend and roast it just a bit longer to create our best dark roast coffee. The darker roast brings out rich flavors of vanilla, cocoa, and pear in a full-bodied, complex cup of coffee. It has a little bite and the moderate acidity that you’re looking for in a dark roast, but it maintains the smooth finish that makes our coffees special.


Customer Reviews

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Nina C. (Brookline, MA, US)
A treat from the PNW!

I moved from Seattle to Boston several years ago, and Seven Roasters coffee was among the things I missed most. I'm incredibly grateful Seven Roasters is willing to ship beans across the country so I can enjoy a rich cup of home every morning!