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Espresso Huli Blend

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In Hawaiian, Huli means to grow through change. Always striving for something better, our specialty espresso reflects our dedication to unique and delicious artisan coffees. Espresso Huli is a blend of coffees from Indonesia, Central America, and Africa. With notes of dark chocolate, butter, and cedar, this espresso has a full body and one of the smoothest finishes of any espresso in Seattle.

All Seven Coffees are artisan hand-roasted in small batches in Seattle and comes with free shipping. Mahalo!

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
John B. (Pasadena, MD, US)
You can’t pick a bad coffee

My favorites may be the Honolulu blend espresso Huli and roasters choice, but I’ve had almost all of the choices and there is no way you can go wrong

David H. ('Ewa Beach, HI, US)
Great Coffee, Excellent Customer Service

The experience with Seven Coffee Roasters has been top notch! The Espresso Huli blend is delicious, roasted elegantly. I’ve loved everything from the initial ordering, the receiving my coffee in the totally compostable bag, brewing the coffee, and the follow up emails. Really excellent job all around.

For what I thought was going to be, it is lighter when it brews. I have a breville barista pro and I had to adjust my grind settings from our normal 7 up to 9 because these beans were coming out finer than the Starbucks blonde roast we were grinding prior to this batch. The Espresso Huli roast has a kind of “bouncy” feel on the tamp and doesn’t require as much pressure as I was used to. The shots pull a few seconds longer than we were experiencing with other espresso roasts, but the separation in the shot and the taste is fantastic. I would agree with Seven Coffee Roasters that it’s the smoothest Espresso Roast I’ve tried yet.

Stephanie S. (Canoga Park, CA, US)
Love at first sight lol

I live in LA and tried Seven Espresso Huli Blend at a super cute vegan shop in West Seattle. Honestly, the best tasting espresso I have ever had. I was flying back home the next day and had to stop in and purchase a bag before leaving. Upon returning home and finishing the bag from Seattle, I had to find your company and reorder. It's by far the best flavor espresso, I serve it to all of my guests and they say the same :)

Erica L. (Bremerton, WA, US)
We love Espresso Huli!

Best espresso and very fast shipping!

Anonymous (Chicago, IL, US)
Great coffee!

Fast shipping too :)