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Guatemala Trapichitos

12oz Bag - Shipped For Free


Roast: Medium-Light

Tasting notes: Cedar, Hazelnut, Apple

Process: Washed

Our Guatemala specialty coffee beans are passive organic, hand-picked, and sun-dried on raised wooden racks.  The bourbon-like beans are meticulously processed and sorted at a community co-op in the Trapichitos region of Guatemala. The resulting cup is beautifully nuanced, with a delicate smoky tone. You’ll get flavors of hazelnut, apple, and cedar in this medium-light bodied coffee.

All Seven Coffees are artisan hand-roasted in small batches in Seattle and comes with free shipping. Mahalo!

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Docia V. (Sutherlin, OR, US)
very pleased

This is a very good coffee and the company and service is great!

R.B. (Silverdale, WA, US)
Good flavor

I feel the need to issue a retraction. The first few times I had made a pour over it did not taste good. I eventually made it a bit stronger, and that made all the difference in the world. This is actually rather tasty.

Lex (Lexington, KY, US)
Very nice beans at an excellent price

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my first order arrived and how fresh the beans were. Will be ordering again!

R.B. (Silverdale, WA, US)
Poor taste

First one I tried and the last. A bit better than Folgers.

Anonymous (Stanford, CA, US)
Guatemala Trapichitos

Really smooth taste, no bitterness whatsoever, but a nice friendly wake up nudge.