How It Works


Save 10%

When you subscribe to 2 bags.

Save 25%

When you subscribe to 3 bags.

Save 30%

When you subscribe to 4 bags.

Save 35%

When you subscribe to 5 bags.

Save 40%

When you subscribe to 6 bags.


"Mahalo" is Hawaiian for thanks and gratitude. We think it's the perfect word to sum up how we feel about our subscription customers.

As for why it's a "club"? Well, we like to think that anyone who subscribes to our coffee loves what we make. And if you love what we make, you belong in a special group.

As a part of our club, subscribers first and foremoest get access to our tiered discounting and best pricing. You'll also get special access to giveaways, exclusive discounts, unique content, and more. We've got a lot planned.

For your first subscription order, you'll receive 25% off the regular price.

After that, our rule is simple: the more you buy, the more you save.

After your first order, you'll get percentage discount based on how many bags are queued up in your subscription order.

Subscribe to 2 bags, save 10%

Subscrube to 3 bags, save 25%

Subscribe to 4 bags, save 30%

Subscribe to 5 bags, save 35%

Subscribe to 6 bags, save 40%

Note: you can subscribe to more than six bags, but our maximum discount is 40%.

All you have to do in order to join Mahalo Club is subscribe to at least two coffees, and have those coffees shipped out on the same date. To subscribe to a coffee, go to any product page and select the Subscribe and save option. Add as many other coffees as you'd like (via the same process). And as always, the more you get, the more you save.

Subscribing to at least two bags will ensure you not only get our discounted pricing, but that you'll be eligible for our club perks and benefits that we are planning.

Yes! Shipping is always free via US Postal Service on all orders as long as we can make it work from a business standpoint. We also have the option to ship via UPS for a shipping fee.

Yes! We've been working hard to develop a club that allows you to do this, and now you can. As long as you subscribe to at least two bags (of any of our coffees), you will receive the club pricing.

If you subscribe to our 3 for $36 Build-A-Pack, your subscription will remain the same until you cancel. If you'd like to subscribe to receive more than three bags per recurring shipment, or if you'd like to be able to change your options in between shipments, you'll need to cancel your current 3 for $36 subscription. From there, it's simply a matter of subscribing to at least two coffees, and you will unlock the new club discounting structure after your first order.

If you have a subscription to a single coffee, your subscription won’t change, but you won't get the club discount until you subscribe to at least two coffees.

If you subscribe to more than one bag of coffee. As long as at least two bags recur and are set to ship on the same date, you will receive the club discounting.

If you find that something isn't right with your order or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Yes, you can change your frequency, coffee type, and grind type at any time in between your shipments. You will also receive a reminder email three days before your recurring order is processed. That way, you'll have plenty of time to change your choices.

Yes, you can change your frequency, coffee type, and grind type at any time in between your shipments. You will receive a reminder email before your order is processed at the roastery.

Yes, you can cancel, pause, or resume your subscription at any time. You can also skip a shipment if the timing isn't right for you for a particular order.

We're working on that! In the future we plan to add Club-Only Perks such as rewards and referral bonuses, exclusive discounts, giveaways, and early access to new coffees and gift boxes.

Feel free to reach out! We try to respond within 48 hours.