A Visitor's Guide to Kauai

August 05, 2019 3 min read

A Visitor's Guide to Kauai

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Kauai is known as the “Garden Island”, and is a perfect destination if you are looking for a quiet relaxing vacation. It also has adventure elements, such as kayaking and ziplining, but the small towns around the island provide a more relaxed atmosphere. This island is not as touristy as some of the other islands, and people describe the culture as being more laid back. The geography of Kauai provides a lush landscape, and you will be able to enjoy beautiful rolling green hills spotted with gorgeous flowers, along with the Hawaiian white sand beaches you have dreamed of.

Here's a great video on kayaking the Wailua river on Kauai:

One main destination of Kauai is Na Pali Coast. This is the most famous coastline of Kauai, and a top attraction for the visitors of Kauai. Na Pali translates into “the cliffs”, so you can guess what you will be seeing here. The many cliffs provide valleys and waterfalls to also view on this beautiful coastline. You can tour this coastline many different ways. You can take a boat tour, a helicopter tour, or you can hike on land and admire from the overlooks. Many travellers suggest viewing this coast during a sunset so you can enjoy all the colors of the sky as a backdrop to this beautiful vegetation.

Another thing you will not want to miss while visiting Kauai is Waimea Canyon. This canyon is 10 miles long, and you can drive along it and stop at the many viewpoints. If you drive along Hawaii state road 550 you can view the Canyon, visit the park’s visitor’s center, and then you will end at Koke’e State Park. You can stop here to visit the museum, which will provide you with information on the vegetation of the island, and then you can explore through the many hiking trails that the park has to offer. The park has an abundance of trails, so you will be able to find one for every level.

Since Kauai is such a relaxing travel destination, you may want to add a spa day to your trip. The island has many spas around it, and you can choose between top resort spas, to traditional Hawaiian spas that are in locals’ homes. Two spas to check out are ANARA spa and Spa by the Sea. It is also best to ask around once you get there to see if there are new local spas to check out.

Kayaking in Kauai is also very popular; this is because you can kayak through all the rivers and you don’t need to worry about rapids. This invites kayakers of all levels to enjoy in this sport. Kayaking is a great way to explore more of the beautiful landscape Kauai has to offer, and since you are in control, you can make it as relaxing or invigorating as you would like. You can rent a kayak and go out exploring on your own, or you can join a tour group and have an experience guide show and educate you about the island.

One of the top rated hotels to stay at in Kauai is the Koa Kea Hotel & Resort. This resort is great for everyone, but especially ideal for a romantic vacation. This would be a great resort to come to for a honeymoon or an anniversary. This resort is known for the quiet atmosphere and the great service provided by the staff. If you want to experience the simplicity of the island, you may want to spend some nights in the wilderness. You can camp at a few different beaches, some ones that we reccommend Haena Beach Park, which is a favorite among travelers and locals. Haena is located on the North Shore of Kauai. You can also camp in Koke state park, which even ahs cabins for you to rent.

As mentioned earlier, Kauai is known as the “Garden Island”, which means that agriculture is a very important part of this island’s culture and economy. Kauai Coffee Company has the largest coffee farm in the United States, which also makes it the largest manufacturer of Hawaiian coffee. Kauai has “ideal conditions” for growing coffee, with nutrient rich soil from the volcanic earth, the hot sun bathing the trees, and also the cool rain coming from the mountains. All of this combined makes for an abundance of coffee, and an increased exportation of coffee beans.

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