Visitor's Guide to Oahu, Hawaii

August 05, 2019 4 min read

Visitor's Guide to Oahu, Hawaii

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Oahu has the best of both worlds, it meets traditional Hawaiian culture with modern city life. Honululu is home to Universities and corporations, but you can also go relax on Waikiki Beach. You can embrace your adventure side and go hiking, or you can remember and educate yourself at the USS Arizona Memorial. No matter what you want to do, Oahu will be able to get you there.

One of the main attractions in Honululu is the USS Arizona Memorial. The memorial is on the USS Arizona, which is the sunken battleship from WWII during the Pearl Harbor attack. We recommend doing the audio tour, which can guide you through the memorial at your own pace, and you get to hear from survivors of the attack. This is great for all ages, and a must see piece of history while on Oahu.



If you are into surfing, or watching surfing, Oahu North Shore will want to be next on your list. If you are interested in watching professional surfers ride the big waves, it is suggested that you go in the winter, sometime between November and February. If you would like to try jumping in for yourself, then you might want to hit up this spot during the summer when the waves are smaller and more mellow.

If you want to drive to Oahu’s North Shore, you should stop at the Polynesian Cultural Center on the way. The Polynesian Cultural Center is a great learning experience to enrichen your vacation with knowledge about the people who who have lived in Hawaii. This center is one of the most popular attractions to visit while vacationing in Hawaii.

When people think of Oahu, they usually picture Waikiki Beach. This area is home to most of the resorts and hotels, and will probably be the most touristy area of the island. The resorts planned to be here for a reason, it has beautiful beaches! Wherever you stay you are going to be steps from the ocean. If you want to take a break from beach time, you can also find many restaurants and shopping centers near Waikiki. Waikiki also offers many trails and walks so that you can explore the area by foot.

If you plan to stay in the Waikiki area, there are plenty of options for whatever your heart desires. Many of the resorts in this area are five star, and because of this you will also see five star prices. You can stay at some familiar hotel names, such as Sheraton, Embassy Suites, and Holiday Inn, or you can try out some other resorts such as Waikiki Parc, or Outrigger Waikiki. If you are looking for a semi-cheaper option, but still a great stay, we recommend Waikiki Sand Villa Hotel. This hotel has received awesome reviews, and has a great location right near the beach.

If you talk to travelers who visit Oahu, they will almost always mention the Diamond Head hike. This hike is on the coast of Waikiki, and offers stellar views. Although this hike is a short one, it is very steep and should only be done if you are prepared to work and sweat. You will definitely be rewarded for your hard work though! Not only will you see the breathtaking coastline, you will also get to see parts of military history. Be sure to bring cash to enter the park, and note that the last entrance for the day is at 4:30PM.



If you want to explore Oahu through food, then Hawaii Food Tours is your answer. This tour company offers two different tours that take you around Oahu to experience the best food of the island. There is the “Hole in the Wall Tour” and the “North Shore Tour”. These tours have been talked about on multiple TV networks, including the famed Food Network. Not only will these tours leave your taste buds satisfied, but you will also walk away with an increased apprecation for the culture and history of the island and the Hawaiian people.

There is only one coffee farm on the island of Oahu, Waialua Estate, and it is located on Oahu’s North Shore. This coffee plantation is owned by Dole Foods. As with most other islands, this farm was also a sugarcane plantation before it was a coffee plantation. The sugarcane plantation closed in 1996, and closely following that they began crowing coffee on the land. There is now 155 acres of coffee growing land, and produces an abundance of Coffee Arabica typica. As mentioned in the other island posts, Oahu is an ideal location for coffee growing due to the nutrient rich soil that is fed from the volcanoes, and also the warm but wet climate. You can tour this farm if you are on the island, and we recommend doing so. The tour will give you a greater appreciation for the hard work that goes into your daily cup of coffee.

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