Featured Market Item: Uglies Potato Chips

November 13, 2019 2 min read

Featured Market Item: Uglies Potato Chips

Seven Market’s manager Seri Thompson works hard to fill our shelves with the finest products from the best small businesses. In an effort to support our fellow small businesses and share the products we love, we will feature products from the market here on our blog.. often alongside a discount!
Whether you are a regular, new neighbor, or a fan of our coffee who’s never been down to the market, come check out our storefront at 2007 Ravenna Boulevard, Seattle WA 98105 to pick up our featured products!

Uglies Potato Chips

Sometimes things can get ugly at Seven Market & Cafe. That’s not really true, but one of our favorite new products does happen to be a little ugly.

Uglies Kettle Cooked Potato Chips are actually something pretty special— a delicious snack that helps eliminate food waste. Uglies are made from potatoes that have minor cosmetic “imperfections” that prevent them from being sold at markets and grocery stores. Potatoes that are too small, too big, too dark, or potatoes that are surplus, blemished, or a little rough around the edges make up what we would consider the best potato chips we’ve ever carried at Seven.

Uglies are crunchy, perfectly seasoned, thick cut, and not as greasy as most potato chips you’d find. The slow kettle cooked process brings out rich flavors that make you completely forget any of the supposed “blemishes” these chips might have. We especially recommend barbecue Uglies. They pack a little pop with paprika and red pepper, but just a touch of brown sugar gives them that sweet and smoky balance that is sometimes hard to find in a good barbecue potato chip. You can pick up a bag of Barbecue, Original, or Salt & Vinegar for just $3.69 at Seven!
We are proud to support businesses that are making an effort to implement sustainable practices and reduce food waste! Uglies chips also provides all sorts of resources for learning more about the “ugly food” movement:


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