Seattle Granola Company

December 06, 2017 3 min read

Seattle Granola Company

If there’s one thing we love at Seven Coffee Roasters it’s small local business ventures built on partnerships of passion and vision. Seattle Granola Company is one such small local business. 

Seattle Granola Company was founded by Satellites Emily and her brother-in-law, Chris. Emily’s passion for nutrition and natural foods and Chris’s vocation as a professional chef gave them an easy affinity, and when Chris tasted Emily’s handmade granola, he instantly saw an opportunity to deliver a healthy, delicious product to Seattle and beyond. 

Seattle Granola Company refers to their product as a super-food, and granola, especially when made with experience and care, can certainly be that. Seattle Granola Company’s line of handmade granolas are gluten free, vegan, and non-GMO. And they are delicious. 

The current three offerings from Seattle Granola Company are their original, coffee, and No BS granolas. 

Seattle Granola Company Nutritional Facts

Seattle Granola Company’s original granola is a mix of rolled oats (whole grain, organic, and gluten-free), dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, almonds, flax seeds, and coconut with maple syrup, natural vanilla flavor, cinnamon, and kosher salt. 

When the bag is first opened and you take an exploratory whiff, it might feel as if the archetypal grandmother has opened a cookie factory and you are standing on the production floor—all the ingredients come together in a perfect aroma—particularly the vanilla, cinnamon, and coconut—perhaps more decadent than should be allowed of a super-food. 

Seattle Granola Company Bowl of Granola

And with first bite, the decadence continues. It is possible to distinguish each flavor as you continue to take bites—whether by hand or by spoonful with milk—but inevitably, the full profile of flavors of Seattle Granola Company’s original granola takes over, and you might start to feel a bit guilty until you remember, again, this is a super-food—low in carbs, low in sodium, and low in fat (zero trans fat) with even a hint of protein. 

There is one excepting standout to the perfect, all-encompassing bouquet and palate of Seattle Granola Company’s original granola’s flavor profile that rises to the top—the cranberries. Raisins in granola seems almost ubiquitous, and a slight change to the tradition creates a brilliant nuance, adding a note of tartness and tanginess to a decidedly sweet snack or satisfying meal substitute.

In a deft continuance of nuance, Seattle Granola Company’s other offerings, coffee and No BS, are subtle deviations from the original. Seattle Granola Company’s coffee granola removes the cranberries and adds coffee, also adding a little zip of caffeine. And No BS simply goes without the brown sugar (Brown Sugar), taking things down just one notch for those who want to simply revel in the natural sweetness of Seattle Granola Company’s other ingredients. 

In the end, as we’ve said, Seattle Granola Company is a small local business with a big product brought into being by like minds with a drive to share their passion. 

Whether you’re looking for something sweet, and healthy, to enjoy at work or at home or you’re looking for a healthy replacement for your morning cereal, Seattle Granola Company has you covered with three delicious, locally made options. 

All of Seattle Granola Company’s products can be purchased online at their website or at dozens of businesses in and around Seattle, and of course, look for them at Seven Coffee Roasters Market and Café in Ravenna. 

Seattle Granola Company Granola Bowl

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