January 2018 Artist - Allie Brown

January 05, 2018 2 min read

Local Seattle Artist Allie Brown

This month we sit down with our January Artist of the month, Allie Brown. 

How do you explain your artistic style? What mediums/ tools do you work with?

I work in digital photography. 

From what/ from where do you draw artistic inspiration?

I primarily get my inspiration from nature and traveling. I make a point to try to see things from different perspectives and different angles than I normally would.

How do you define “artist?” Have you always considered yourself an artist? Was there a specific time or moment when you began to define yourself as such?

I think an artist is simply anyone who creates anything by their own volition.  I have always created things, whether by building little fairy houses as a kid outside, working with clay in high school, or using my camera. I think that means I am an artist, though I never really thought about it or defined myself as one until right now answering this question!

Local Seattle Artist Allie Brown

How often do you work artistically? How do make space and time for creating works?

I go through phases where I create nothing and others where I create all the time. I paint, take photos, write, craft decorations for my house and more. I find that creative phase comes when I have lots of other responsibilities calling my name rather than when I actually have time! When that happens I try to merge time creating with other priorities, like exercising or time outside.  Luckily, photography allows me to just take my camera on a walk or hike!

Briefly describe your life—outside of artistic creation-- hobbies, work, family, etc.

I am currently a graduate student working on my masters in Marine and Environmental Affairs. I am writing a thesis defining a field within ConservationPhotography (think Christina MIttermeier, Paul Nicklen, Joel Sartore) called Marine Conservation Photography. I also work as a freelance model, and inscience communtication with a company called Ocean Communications for The Ocean (OCTO).

Please tell us about your connections to the Seven Market.

I live only a few blocks away from Seven Market and it is my favorite place to study and hang out, so it was my first choice and a natural choice for my first show ever!

Allie Brown - January 2018 Artist at Seven Market & Cafe


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Local Seattle Artist Allie Brown

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