Sod House Bakery

September 22, 2017 3 min read

Inside Photo of Sod House Bakery in Ravenna

Right near the corner of NE 65th St and Ravenna, and very close to our own Seven Roasters Market & Café, is a small sweet and savory bakery making a name for itself in Seattle, Sod House Bakery

Sod House Bakery has been around roughly two years and in that time has grown into a sought-out neighborhood spot for pastries and pies, cookies and cakes, bagels, croissants, muffins, and “Top Tarts” (think house-made Pop Tarts)—even breakfast and ice cream sandwiches! 

Top Tarts and Baked Goods at Sod House Bakery

The biggest draw to Sod House Bakery, beyond its convenient location and selection of food and drink, is that virtually everything in the bakery is made in-house. 

This might seem a small claim for a bakery, but look closer at the menu, and the audacity of this undertaking becomes apparent—not only are all Sod House’s baked goods made in-house from scratch, but so are their syrups and ice cream! 

Sod House Bakery Menu

Remember those ice cream sandwiches we mentioned? That’s right, completely house-made ice cream sandwiches. 

And while Sod House offers, of course, the standard flavors in syrups and ice cream, they also offer flavors sure to surprise and delight—cardamom, rose, lavender, and rosemary syrups and cardamom ice cream, for example. 

One of the few offerings Sod House Bakery does not prepare in-house is their loose-leaf tea, which they purchase from local Miro Tea in Ballard. Another non-in-house offering, we are proud to say, is our very own Seven Roasters Coffee! 

And so, as well as a bakery, Sod House also fills a role as a full coffee and espresso café. 

Seven Coffee Roasters For Sale in Sod House Bakery

Open seven a.m. to four p.m., Sod House Bakery is an ideal place to stop for your morning coffee and a pastry, bagel, or breakfast sandwich, but it also recommends itself as an afternoon spot for a snack or pick-me-up or a place to hunker down with a treat and a sweet drink and knock out that one bit of work you’ve been avoiding since the weekend. 

For example, perhaps try a toasted tomato pesto cheese croissant and a house special, the Flora Forager—cardamom and rose syrups and seltzer on ice. The croissant entices with a pizza-like aroma and follows through as buttery and flaky with the right amount of tang and herbaceousness from the tomato, pesto, and cheese. And the Flora Forager is just sweet enough to bring you back to those early summer days of selling lemonade for a nickel with the sophistication in flavor to help you realize how much, with the right marketing strategy, you could sell that lemonade for now. 

Tomato Pesto Cheese Croissant

If all this wasn’t enough, in the end of September, Sod House Bakery is hoping to expand into bread with their own bread oven and more bakers on the team. We can only imagine where this might lead. More sandwiches? 

Speaking with two team members at Sod House Bakery, Demetrius Burns and Noah Parsley, it’s safe to say Sod House will have the business to accommodate this expansion and more. With busy mornings and weekends and steady afternoons, the present of Sod House Bakery is rosy and the future is bright. 

Noah and Demetrius at Sod House Bakery

We also asked Demetrius and Noah, if they had to choose, what is their favorite item at Sod House? For Demetrius, it’s the cardamom ice cream sandwich (remember, house-made ice cream!), and for Noah, it has to be the pecan sticky buns (available only on the weekends). 

Keep in mind, Sod House Bakery is not only a walk-in bakery, though they love to see you. You are always more than welcome to call or email ahead with your special order, large or small. But if Ravenna is your neighborhood or part of your commute, do yourself a favor and stop in Sod House Bakery. And if you simply find yourself in the Ravenna area with a need for a nosh and a parched throat, do yourself the same favor. Those house-made pastries, syrups, and ice creams, as sweet and savory as they are, won’t enjoy themselves.

Sod House Bakery A Board

Sod House Bakery Facade

Sod House Bakery on Ravenna Ave

Sod House Bakery Inside

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