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Decaf Brazil Cerrado
Anonymous (Stanford, CA, US)
7 Roasters, all varieties

Great coffee, I get the whole beans and grind myself. Very fresh!

Also their Cafe and Market is excellent. Staff very efficient, and friendly.

Winter Trio
Elizabeth G. (Rockport, MA, US)
Winter trio

Hi so originally I meant to order espresso trio but ended up with this trio! Well I was pleasantly surprised! All 3 flavors made wonderful cappuccinos candy cane being my favorite. I love that they put the roasted date on every bag. As you can see in photos it was on November 29 and I received them on December 2nd!!
(Free shipping too). My next purchase will be the espresso trio as I do like a more earthy deep flavor for cappuccinos. I do add two sugar cubes to my coffee and a heart shaped swirl of pumkin sauce for good measure! Delicious 😋

Winter Trio
Mamata F. (Monument, CO, US)
Love the Candy Cane one!

All three coffees are great and add to the warmth of the season. Do not be fooled by Candy Cane name--the coffee does not have a overwhelming mint taste--it is a great flavor and has become my favorite! Just wish it was available all year!!

Brazil Carmo De Minas Direct Trade
E.M. (Glen Gardner, NJ, US)
Smooth and delicious

The smell when it arrives (which is super fast across the country to NJ!!) is magnificent and the taste is even better. This coffee is super smooth and not bitter at all, not overroasted and just really enjoyable to drink any time of the day. Whenever I have guests over they always comment on how amazing this coffee is! I've been getting this delivered with their subscription service for 3 years and it has gotten me through COVID known I will always have perfectly delicious coffee delivered right to my door.

Brazil Carmo De Minas Direct Trade
Elaine M. (Austin, TX, US)
I love this coffee

I have gotten tired of other coffees, but Brazil Carmo de Minas still has a marvelous flavor and is not bitter

Guatemala Trapichitos
David H. (Federal Way, WA, US)


Fall Blend
Phil B. (Rochester, MI, US)
Fall Blend in my fave mug

The fall blend is a really nice blend of rich flavor and subtle tastes of fall; great cup to enjoy on a cool November morning. Been drinking coffee from Seven for a few years now and always look forward to my next delivery.

100% Oahu Hawaiian Coffee
J.G. (Cambridge, MN, US)
Very weak

Very weak.
Tastes like actual beans instead of real coffee.
Waste of money.

Biscuit Bitch Blend
tim r. (Reidsville, NC, US)


Sumatra Mandheling Old School
Hazel K. (Winchester, MA, US)
Good Quality Coffee Beans

The bean aroma is elegant. Taste is bitter sweet. Highly recommended!

Guatemala Trapichitos
Sumit G. (Seattle, WA, US)
Great coffee and a smooth ordering experience

I've enjoyed both Guatemala Trapichitos and Brazil Carmo De Minas from Sever Coffee roasters. It tastes really well when made in an aeropress.

I also like that it ships for free!

Decaf Brazil Cerrado
Tsuin R. (St. Petersburg, FL, US)
A nice vacuumed package

I really appreciated to see the beans arrived in nicely vacuumed bags which they did not have before (as far as my orders were not). I hope this will be consistent in the future

Nana's Decaf Blend
Chrissie C. (Tacoma, WA, US)
The Best Decaf!

As a dedicated coffee connoisseur, I can say with certainty that Nana’s Decaf Blend is the BEST decaf you’ll come across. It’s perfectly balanced and the flavor rivals many non-decaf coffees. Subscribing to this blend was one of the best decisions I’ve made all year - guaranteed goodness at our doorstep!

Organic Mexico Santa Fe
Greg A. (Middle River, MD, US)
Organic Mexico Santa Fe

Great flavor and price!

Roasters Choice Espresso Blend
Taeyun K. (Tacoma, WA, US)
Seven coffee

Always make my day good!!

Sumatra Mandheling Old School
Faye M. (Bay Minette, AL, US)
Sumatra Mandheling Old School

Service and speed of delivery were great. The coffee is not. I usually drink dark roasts but ordered this because I loved Sumatra coffees I've had in the past. The description says it is a medium roast, which I also drink sometimes. The moment I opened my bag of drip grind, I was disappointed. The roast is far too light and has a distinctly "bright" smell and taste - my least favorite of all coffees. I'm mixing it with a darker coffee and enduring it, since I paid so much for it. I will not be purchasing again.

Diner Blend
Amber D. (Metairie, LA, US)

Got the Diner Blend - Awesome flavor!! Glad I found this product.

Honolulu Hawaiian Blend
Arlene M. (Clifton, NJ, US)

It was a hreat cup of coffee

Diner Blend
A.D. (Metairie, LA, US)
Great Taste!!

Just drank my first cup of Diner Blend coffee. I absolutely love the flavor. Looking forward to ordering more!!

3-Bag Coffee Sample Pack Builder
Dan R. (Savannah, GA, US)
Outstanding beans!

A friend recommended this place and and these beans make me enjoy coffee again. Seriously the best I have had.

Just fantastic bag of beans. Bursting with Brazilian top notch bean flavor

Guatemala Trapichitos
Docia V. (Sutherlin, OR, US)
very pleased

This is a very good coffee and the company and service is great!

Ethiopia Yirgachefe
Brent J. (Quincy, MA, US)

This bean is a delicate berry bomb while still maintaining a velvety body and chocolate undertones. Espresso, pourover, however you like it, it will perform and you will enjoy it!

Honolulu Hawaiian Blend
RAR (Lynnwood, WA, US)
Smooth blend

Makes a smooth and lovely cup of coffee. Full of flavor and beautifully roasted! Medium grind, brewed in a Moccamaster, enjoyed every sip!

Decaf Brazil Cerrado
Mim G. (Hawley, PA, US)
A little something special in the Decaf

Wonderful flavor and body considering this is decaf. It is not missing a thing. A delicious way of cutting down on your caffeine and not missing out on that morning cup. Nice coffee.