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Good coffee

I tried Seven coffee on a whim, looking for new coffee to have shipped. I am very happy that I did! Nicely roasted, smooth, and good flavor. The 3 for $35 deal is great, especially since you can pick what you want as your 3 coffees. Will happily be ordering again in the future!

Fresh Taste!

Love this coffee! Water processed tastes fresher and crisper. No more funny feeling in my head after drinking chemically processed coffee. Thanks so much! Tastes great!

I love this coffee

Excellent coffee and really fast delivery

Best decaf drip coffee!

Great flavor, great grind, great brand!

Wonderful as always!

Their coffees never disappoint! This one definitely tastes light and floral!

Interesting and unique.

Upon grinding, the aroma is deliciously pungent, and is equally the same upon brewing.
If coffee can have a texture, then I'd say this one has a syrupy feel to it.
When flavored coffees sprung into the market years ago, I was quite enamoured with them, and leaned heavily on the Hazelnut offerings by a number of providers.
As time went on, I grew tired of artificially flavored coffee, knowing that even the lowest quality bean could be doctored with oils to make it taste like anything the manufacturer wished it to.
If I didn't know better, I'd say this bean had been infused with a strong dose of artificial blueberry which strikes the palate predominantly right off the bat.
After it cools some, there is a woody flavor I can't quite name, possibly oak, followed by a hint of lemon and even more berry; cinnamon and caramel not so much.
For myself, blueberry just isn't a flavor I wish to taste in coffee.
I have now tried Seven's Sumatra, Roaster's blend, their Guatemalan, and now this.
So far I'd have to say my favorite is the Guatemalan, with this one being on the bottom.
Up next, I have a bag of Bitch blend, and the Ethiopian to try.

Fabulous, as always !!!

I can't say enough about this coffee. The flavor is great !! Smooth. I love it and will continue to order it.

In love with this one

Amazingly light, fresh and all about spring. I’ll be ordering more of this one for sure.


My wife and I both love this Guatemalan bean.
We buy it whole and grind it fresh every morning.
We normally use a drip machine, but for a real treat now and then we use a french press.
We are so fond of this that we are set up for automatic delivery.

Best Kona!

I have always been a Kona fan for many years. I stumbled across Seven coffee last fall, and tried the Kona in December. I have to say it is the best Kona I have had! I have been to Oahu many times, and have had Kona there, and this Kona is as good as any I have had on the island. I will always have a bag at at house from now on!

I just want to talk a minute about Seven's coffee customer service. I order from a lot of sites for coffee, and I would put Seven on the top of the list in both customer service and speed of delivery. There are always emails before and after the delivery and I have never had to wait more than a week, even over the holidays. Just a great company

New to Seven

Seven is an amazing collection of coffee-centric folks. I appreciate the attention to ethical resource management, community, and fabulous coffee. The Bitch Blend was fantastic, but my wife was not too crazy about the name. After explaining the story behind the name, she warmed up to the name and the coffee.
Looking forward to tasting the other two coffees in “Build-a-Pack”
Keep Brewing .

Fresh and mild coffee.

I have a breville machine.
All of the bean I have purchased taste fresh. The Bitch Blend and Espresso Huli have a fantastic scent but when I extracted them, they were slightly weak than I expected.
Ethiopia Kaffa Forest was better than other two above, and I am quite satisfied with it, but It is not my best coffee I ever had. So I will keep my journey to find my best one among rest of yours.

Love the Honolulu Blend!

All of the Hawaiian blends and single origin varieties are amazing!

Very Smooth

I really like this coffee, its strong but smooth and has a very nice flavor.

Great coffee, great price

Love Seven coffee. Perfect roast to maximize the flavor profiles of each of their single origin beans and blends (and we have tried them all). Especially love the excellent quality and drinkability of their decaf beans. Most places, even so-called high-end shops, the decaf beans are an obvious afterthought, lacking in complexity and drinkability. Not Seven! Their decaf coffee is just as good as their full caffeine options. We will be Seven coffee drinkers for life!


Excellent blend. I just ordered it and I've already gone through half the bag. What most diner coffees wish they were.

Excellent deal and coffee

What a great deal for some some really good, delicious coffee.


Washington native living in Tennessee. I only order Huli Espresso for my coffee, it's so good!

Quick Service, Great Coffee

My order shipped really quickly. I love that they have a subscription option! The coffee is great :)


Delicious coffee, very reasonable priced, and I love the mix and match bundle! Fast shipping: I ordered in the evening, they shipped next day, and I got it the next. I'll be making them my go to roaster for at least a couple more 3 packs :-).


We get new coffee once every two weeks, and there's nothing better than how fresh it is!

Na Pali Blend
Delicious as always!

Per usual I received my order in a reasonable amount of time. The package smelled sooo delicious to open!

Espresso Huli

Very smooth, without any harsh undertones. Every cup is immensely enjoyable!

Great coffee! Bold and smooth

I’ve been trying many coffee brands, looking for a great coffee that is bold and intense but smooth and not with a burnt taste or acidity or bitterness. This coffee is the best I’ve had so far! Highly recommend!

Great project

Amazing smell, better taste