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Tasty Lattes

We have used this to make lattes which are very good

Tastes decent

Some decent tasting decaf. Leaves a bit more residue than the other stuff I’ve had, and the brew comes out a lot lighter no matter how much more you put. Not a bad option.

Amazing coffee, bold and smooth

I just love Seven - I adjust my subscription every couple of months to try them all. The Espresso Huli did not disappoint.

Great holiday gift!

I sent a bag to a co-worker who loves your coffee. It arrived the next day and he was so thrilled. I guess the one I chose is not easy to find in stores so he was so happy! Such great service. I'll be ordering more for gifts! Suzie

Delicious Decaf

Had to switch to decaf and thought I’d have to give up flavor I crave. Not so with decaf Brazil Cerrado! Yum.

Always great coffee!

Love the beans, they ship fast, always freshly roasted too!

great coffee

Always a pleasure to start my day :)

Excellent Coffee

Nice medium roast coffee with no vegetal tones. We use an Aeropress and it was excellent. We look forward to next year's blend!

Tasty cup

I received a bag of this decaf coffee from my son and daughter in law for Christmas. It is the best cup of decaf coffee I have had. It has the most beautiful color when cream is added, the aroma is a portent of the taste soon to be enjoyed. Delicious!

Nana's Decaf Blend


Very nice coffee. First time buying. I try beans from all over the country. This one will be a place I order from often. Excellent

Great coffee

Is a good coffee for your morning.


I loved this blend and gifted 2 bags to friends who hopefully will be customers now. Happy New Year!

Smoother than I thought.

I tried your Honolulu Blend and thought that it was very nice but wanted to see what kind of difference I could find in your Kona Farm-Direct. My opinion is that it does seem smoother and a little more flavorful. I am glad I tried it. Thanks also for the great smell. I can hardly wait until tomorrow morning. Again.

Loved it!

We loved this Holiday Blend! Made it in the french press and it was great. Packaging is beautiful although it has no information about the mystery beans inside. Tastes like a medium roast. Super fresh and aromatic.


Sent coffee Christmas gifts YaY the Bitch Blend and like the discounts and prompt delivery service!


The coffee was shipped “3-day Express” on Dec. 15th but it just arrived today, Dec. 26th. Smelled really good when the pkg. was opened, but have not brewed any yet.

Hasn’t arrived yet 😢

Roasters Choice Hand Roasted Specialty Coffee

Mexico Santa Fe Review

My favorite medium roast coffee, and I've tried several from different highly-regarded roasters. The only problem was after ordering it about 2 weeks ago I just received it. But, I understand shipping is a problem for a lot of folks these days.

Holiday Blend
Great holiday blend

I really enjoyed this blend. It was fruity but still with a hint of creamy chocolate note. Perfect medium roast that I was impressed with because so many roasters say medium and the beans end up looking more like a dark roast. The beans were fresh and just roasted a couple weeks before which helps. About to order something else from Seven now that they have my interest

Espresso Huli Hand Roasted Specialty Coffee

Delicious coffee, wish my gift didn’t come with a receipt

I’ve enjoyed giving this delicious coffee as gifts and I get it in my monthly subscription. The part that bums me out is the gifts and my order comes with the receipt. I don’t want the recipients to see the cost of the gift and I don’t need a paper bill when 7 does a great job of emailing the receipt.

Excellent flavor.

Christmas Blend

I haven’t tried it yet - saving it for Christmas morning. I have no doubt it will be excellent. Lovely packaging !