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3-Bag Coffee Sample Pack Builder
Abid W. (Farmington Hills, MI, US)
Terrible Taste and smell

I got the three sampler pack and it smelt like burnt rubber and tasted extremely bitter. I have been making coffee for nearly 20 years and this is the worst I have ever had.

This is my go-to. You cannot go wrong with this one. So easy to drink. Everyone that I’ve brewed it for has loved it.

This is such a great coffee. It blends well anything. Have had it by itself, as lattes, you name it.

Roasters Choice Espresso Blend
Adam B. (Blaine, MN, US)
Not a dark roast

“Dark roast” was sour and acidic like a medium/light roast. Tossed out the bag. Won’t purchase again

Honolulu Hawaiian Blend
Jeffrey B. (Groton, VT, US)
Hawaiian Blend

It’s ok but somewhat of a disappointment compared to your other coffees. I loved the Na Pali blend but this one not so much.

Honolulu Hawaiian Blend
lynn e. (Chicago, IL, US)
Honolulu Hawaiian Blend

sooo smooth and lovely

Brazil Carmo De Minas Direct Trade
Dave N. (Beaverton, OR, US)
My Favorite roster!

I found Seven Rosters while Googling the best coffee roasters in Seattle. Knowing Dean had Hawaii ties like I do helped me decide to give Seven a try. I've been a loyal customer for a little over a year and a half now and I purchase about 20 bags per year for both my home and my office. Unlike other roasters I've tried, I enjoy a variety of roasts from Seven. I have my favorite light, medium, dark/espresso, and even decaf offerings from Seven. I also appreciate the quantity discounts and free shipping! Mahalo Seven!

Always fresh roasted and fast delivery. Best I've found

Brazil Mantiqueira de Minas
Docia V. (Roseburg, OR, US)

This is a very good coffee in my opinion, will purchase again

Diner Blend
Sarah C. (Brunswick, OH, US)
Diner Blend - perfectly delicious!!

I love Seven coffee!! In particular Diner Blend - it's my absolute favorite and I drink it every day!!

Expired the day they shipped it. Smelled rancid. I just tossed it in the trash. Thankfully the price was not terribly expensive. It did arrive quickly.

Spring Blend
Kevin V.H. (Eagle, ID, US)
Amazing as always

Love the Honolulu blend. One of my favorites for pour over.

Seven Ceramic Pour-over
R.W. (Kansas City, MO, US)
Great little brewer!

This is a hidden gem on the website.

This little brewer produces a terrific cup of coffee. I use the 4:6 method and it turns out tasty every time.

This is a no brainer at the price.

Sumatra Mandheling Old School

Roasters Choice Espresso Blend
stephen n. (Seattle, WA, US)
espresso bean

not very good

Organic Mexico Santa Fe
Robert W. (Kansas City, MO, US)
Makes a mean cappuccino.

I really enjoy this coffee. A regular cup is smooth with a sweet semi-tart finish. I believe this coffee shines in a cappuccino, at least it does for me. The toasty and sweet notes come through perfectly.

Brazil Mantiqueira de Minas
Jenn T. (Dayton, OH, US)
Received wrong item, Seven never answered me

I would have loved to try this coffee, but Seven sent me a different one. I contacted them twice since then (via their site & email), but they never answered me. I'm not impressed & I don't recommend them.

Decaf Brazil Cerrado
Yoh S. (Tamuning, GU)
It hasn’t arrived

I got the email saying it was shipped on 1/23, but it hasn’t arrived—I guess I’ll miss freshly roasted coffee this time :-(

Diner Blend
Ernie N. (San Bernardino, CA, US)
Denny's Coffe??

I bought this coffee in an attempt to duplicate the coffee served at Denny's Restaurants. As of right now, the jury is still out as to whether or not I accomplished this. Stay tuned

Roasters Choice Espresso Blend
Justyna K. (Morristown, NJ, US)
Great Taste!

We ordered for the first time from Seven- got the espresso beans - and they make a ridiculously delicious Americano! Not to mention, we got our coffee on 1/24 and the beans were roasted on 1/22 - talk about freshly roasted! Definitely turned us into returning customers! Will buy again for sure.

Diner Blend
Paul t.R.G. (Toledo, IL, US)
Excellent change of pace

I normally prefer darker roasts that I brew on the “heavy” side. Especially on these long, gray January days - the brighter notes of Diner Blend have been a welcome change from the usual. Thank you Seven!

100% Kona Hawaiian Coffee
Paul D. (Manhasset, NY, US)
best light roast Kona available

This Kona consists of the highest grade large beans roasted to a light gold color. This brings out delicate lemon like tastes mostly destoyed by the majority of Kona roasts which are medium or dark. They all have their fans but this version is truly beautiful. Expensive yet definitely worth it.

French Press Coffee Sample Pack
Timothy D. (Seattle, WA, US)
It's okay.

I was glad that the coffee was roasted when I ordered it. I was hoping for faster shipping, given there's no local pickup option. I'd prefer a local pickup, even if there's free shipping. The Sumatra is okay, but it's definitely not what I'm used to or was expecting.

Love this coffee! Long time subscriber and none goes to waste! Love the Brazil and Sumatra ones we get. Keep up the great work!

Roasters Choice Espresso Blend
Mim G. (Hawley, PA, US)
A Beautiful Espresso

Seven Roasters does not disappoint. This is a smooth, enjoyable blended roast. Perfect to use in my Flair, Picopresso and AeroPress. Grind it fine and it extracts beautifully. So much to choose from here at Seven, all worth trying.